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Wedding Planners

"Celebrants in France" already partner with some of France's top wedding planners and event organisers.

We understand the pressures and complications you face on a daily basis and will work closely with you, using our experience to avoid potential ceremony problems, helping you give the couple their perfect wedding day.


Once we've established your preferred way of working, we require the minimum of input - you can relax (at least about the ceremony).



Our usual approach is to communicate directly with the couple to create their unique ceremony. Whilst in the creative phase of the ceremony preparation, we take into consideration the specific venue and any guidelines you have given us. If we feel that there are any issues that may impact on the venue or require any input from you, we contact you immediately, you don't get surprises on the day.


We believe in good communication and keep you up-to-date with the progress of the ceremony as it develops. We also confirm all arrangements with you in advance of the day and always arrive at least an hour early at the venue, to meet you, speak to the couple, and check that all of the last minute ceremony arrangements are in order.


We have good relationships with our planners and organisers and we always pass-on direct enquires for larger weddings where couples are looking for venues or wedding planners.

If you would like further information, contact us at .... we look forward to hearing from you.